When to book:

I suggest booking during your second trimester to make sure you are on my calendar. Once you secure your spot with a 25% deposit, you will contact me as soon as the baby is born so we can set up your session time. I believe newborns are best photographed during 7-21 days. They are usually very sleepy during that time and can be posed easily. 

What to expect:

Newborn sessions can last between 2-3 hours depending on the baby's mood and willingness to sleep. You can except it to be really warm in my studio because babies are best settled in a warm environment. Your baby WILL pee or poop on me at some point during the session. This is why I don't dress up. It just comes with the job :) I can wash everything so don't worry about baby using the bathroom on anything.

If baby has older siblings, please arrange for them to be out of the studio after their portion of the session. To ensure that we get the best poses and for the safety of the baby, we need a quiet and calm environment.   Usually a grandparent or guardian will take them for special treat while we finish up with baby only. One parent must be with baby at all times. 

I work on the baby's schedule. If we need to stop several times for him/her to eat, that is perfectly fine! 

How to prepare:

I provide everything needed for baby so no need to stress about purchasing outfits or props.  Please bring a pacifier for him/her as well as formula/breastmilk in case they need to eat during the session. 

Relax!  I have three children of my own, so I have a lot of experience with babies.  I will handle your precious new one with gentleness and care, taking safety measures with every pose. I have also taken training courses to pose infants properly and safely. I have done training courses on posing, wrapping and adjusting babies by some of the top photographers in this profession.  

Family Shots:

I usually do family poses from waist up on a white, black, brown or beige background.  I do full family, Mom with baby, Dad with baby and siblings with baby. Keep clothing simple and skip the busy patterns. No need for everyone to match, just coordinate!  You DO NOT need to bring the baby an outfit for family/sibling shots.